Professional Development

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

EduShare facilitates professional development workshops and courses to positively impact student outcomes and satisfaction. Topics include:

  • Remote Teaching: Tips and Techniques

  • How to Give Confidence Building Feedback

  • Effective Blended (Hybrid) Course and Program Design

EduShare can customize workshops to improve graduation and retention rates. Other accreditation and academic services are available. For more information on EduShare consulting services, contact Dr. Banks.

Professional development workshops are designed to “learn it, practice it, and do it.” Dr. Banks and Associates will provide a roadmap on how to setup virtual classrooms, effectively teach remote students, and design engaging blended/hybrid courses for outcomes and student satisfaction.

Improved student outcomes depend upon the quality of learning and learner support. To improve outcomes:

  • Faculty need to focus on learning, not teaching

  • Learner support staff need to identify and focus the vital few, not the trivial many student service processes

  • Implement at least six digital best practices with courses

  • Realize it is not technology, but how instructors use technology to cause learning

For more information on academic advising and professional development services contact EduShare.

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